The Water Restoration & Water Extraction Process

Water removal and extraction is a key step in the water damage restoration process. This step allows remediation professionals to effectively rid your home or commercial space of excess moisture that could cause mold growth or structural damage. 


If you’re looking for water removal in North Atlanta, Georgia, look no further than your local experts at United Water Restoration Group. We’re here to cover your options for water removal and extraction services to get your space back to normal.

What Are Water Removal Services?

Water removal is the process of assessing the amount of water in a flooded or damaged space and using commercial-grade equipment to rid the space of moisture. Some areas that may collect water or excess moisture include both easy- and hard-to-reach spaces, like:


  • On carpets and other fabrics
  • On wood, tile, or concrete flooring
  • Under flooring planks and carpeting
  • In ceilings and walls
  • On roofs

The Importance of Getting Water Removal Services

There are many water damage incidents that could occur in your home or place of business that call for water removal in North Atlanta, Georgia, including:


  • Weather events, like heavy rains, storm damage, and flash flooding.
  • Burst pipes.
  • Poor drainage or blocked drainage systems.
  • Sump pump malfunctions.


In any of these or other water damage events, it’s important to call water removal and remediation professionals like the United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta, Georgia right away. This ensures that we can remove any mold growth and restore your home or place of business as soon as possible so you can get back to using the space.

The Water Removal Process

These are some of the steps you can expect from professional water removal services offered by experts like United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta, Georgia:

  • Removing items affected by water and safely discarding damaged fabrics, carpeting, and flooring.
  • Measuring the amount of standing or incoming water.
  • Assessing moisture levels around the space and in hard-to-reach areas using moisture detectors and infrared cameras.
  • Using equipment like submersible pumps to remove pooling water and industrial wet/dry vacuums to remove moisture.


Trusting the Water Restoration Experts

If you need water removal in North Atlanta, Georgia, trust the experts at United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta to safely and swiftly assess the damage, extract excess water, and complete the process of rescuing your home from water damage. Call us at (404) 949-1119 today!

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