Mold Remediation in Atlanta, Georgia

Mold spores are present in virtually every building and nearly every room. These spores can come in through a gentle breeze pushed inside from an ajar window or can even come off your own clothing. These spores are microscopic in nature and generally, the average mold spore count in a room is anywhere from 200-500 spores. 


These spores don’t typically cause much of a problem until there’s an elevated presence or mold colonies begin to form. Our mold remediation experts in Atlanta, Georgia can handle any size mold outbreak at your commercial or residential property. Mold can grow quickly, so you should always act as soon as possible. The first step to our mold remediation in Atlanta, Georgia is to contact our service line. Our service line at (404) 949-1119 can place you in direct contact with one of our trained technicians. 


Upon calling our service line, we will create an appointment scheduled around your needs. We offer flexible scheduling to help ensure the problem is addressed promptly and during a time convenient to you. Once our technician has arrived at your property, we can begin with a comprehensive assessment. This assessment will showcase how we plan on tackling your problem and returning your space to normal. 



For mold remediation in Atlanta, Georgia, our technicians begin by quarantining affected areas with barriers. These barriers will help prevent the spread of mold colonies throughout the room or the building. We utilize specially designed chemicals and agents that take aim at the mold colonies. 


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During our mold remediation process in Atlanta, Georgia, we don’t just clear up the area, clean it, and then sanitize it. We take it a step further and address the main source of the problem, correcting it so another outbreak does not occur. We also administer microbial treatments effectively across your property. These treatments will help ensure that no other mold outbreak occurs at your property for the foreseeable future.