Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Water damage is something no homeowner wants to experience, but sadly it’s something that many homeowners will encounter at some point on their property. Whether it’s a broken pipe, a faulty appliance, or even nature in the form of rain leaking through a ceiling or the rising waters of a flood, water damage will strike when it is least convenient for you. 


You may be wondering what the price tag of such an event would cost. Instead, you should be asking yourself, “Does homeowner’s insurance cover water damage?”. Today United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta would like to help you answer that all-important question.


Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

When asking yourself if your homeowner’s insurance covers water damage, you can break this down further into two more important questions. 


By expanding your inquiry to wider terms, you can not only determine what that situation is better, but you can better evaluate your options going forward with the cleanup.


  • Was The Water Damage Sudden?

If the onset of the damage was sudden and unavoidable, the likelihood that you’re covered by your homeowner’s insurance is high. However, if the water damage is the result of neglecting to maintain proper upkeep of your home with routine maintenance, like outdated or worn down plumbing, you’re unlikely to be covered.


  • Was The Water Damage Flood or Backup Related?

You may be shocked to learn that your homeowner’s insurance does not cover water damage related to flooding or backup from outside sources. Most basic homeowner insurance plans avoid this, and, depending on where you live, flood damage may not be covered at all.


Coverage for these is typically offered as separate coverages in addition to your homeowner’s insurance. For example, where flood insurance would protect you in the case of a flood, you may be left waterlogged and paying out of pocket if the water damage is from a flood and you don’t have that coverage.


Don’t Delay, Call Today

When you’ve determined whether or not your type of water damage is covered by homeowner’s insurance, you’re going to want the best technicians you can on your side for cleanup and repairs. 


United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta is standing by to take your call today. Our service is able to work with any and all insurance providers, and we’re available to tackle your water damage 24/7. We can be contacted at (404) 353-5999. When you’re in need of professional help, don’t delay, make us your next call.

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