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We also provide cleaning and disinfecting services in Atlanta, Georgia. These services can be utilized by both homeowners and business owners alike. Our disinfecting and cleaning services take aim at potentially harmful substances at your property. Substances such as pathogens, irritants, allergens, and other pollutants can accumulate naturally throughout the year. While they accumulate naturally, they can still pose dangers to those who depend on your house or business.

Pathogens like the flu or the common cold can spread easily from one person to another. These people may not know they are infected and could spread it without showing symptoms or even knowing. These substances can be passed from people who temporarily find themselves at your property, even for a minute or less. These substances can be passed around quickly and can survive for hours or even days after the spreader has left.

During our disinfecting and cleaning services in Atlanta, Georgia, our technicians take aim at high-touch surfaces and items. High-touch surfaces like counters, doorknobs, remotes, handles, and many other areas or items. These areas are typically touched often but are rarely cleaned. Taking care of these pathogens can help add a layer of protection. This protection can help prevent outbreaks from spreading around your home or business. 



Our technicians in Atlanta, Georgia will carefully comb through your property and address all problem areas. This not only adds a layer of protection to your property but also provides a deep clean at your property. 


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During our disinfecting and cleaning services in Atlanta, Georgia, our technicians follow all CDC, EPA, and OHSA standards. Following these standards are pertinent to helping ensure all services are properly rendered at your property. 

Our disinfecting and cleaning services in Atlanta, Georgia can help make your property a safer, brighter environment. We utilize special equipment that specifically targets problem areas and substances.


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