Can Black Mold Grow on Carpet?

As a property owner, one of the biggest headaches you can ever encounter is mold growth. Under the right conditions, your once pristine property can become a hotbed for mold. If not treated properly it can become a major health issue, among other woes it brings. 


Let’s say that thankfully you were prepared for this, and were able to stop mold dead in its tracks; or did you? When it comes to mold, it may be lurking in places you least expect it. It may even be beneath your feet right now. 


Black mold on carpet is not only a very real possibility, it may be a harder one to tackle at face value. Today United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta would like to talk a little bit about the conditions that allow black mold on carpet to thrive and what you can do as a property owner to confront it.


Does Black Mold Grow on Carpet?

Mold can be such a pain because it can occur wherever there is an abundance of moisture, and that includes black mold on carpet. If your property has suffered water damage, you may think you have removed all the moisture from the environment. However, unless you have professional-grade equipment it’s very likely that beneath your carpet, it’s still soaked. 


That moisture will become ground zero for a mold nightmare as black mold on carpet will begin to appear. You cannot defeat it simply by scrubbing the mold out, as that’s the equivalent of putting a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. 


While there are scenarios where only a little bit of mold growth doesn’t point to a large-scale saturation, more often than not the carpet will need to be pulled up and have the carpet padding replaced. Replacing the carpet padding is a preferable alternative to replacing the carpet entirely if the carpet can be cleaned.


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If you’re dealing with mold, whether it’s black mold on carpet or throughout your home, you’ll likely need to call in those who can offer a professional touch. 


United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta is standing by to take your call at (404) 353-5999 when you need professionally trained technicians. 


Our lines are open 24/7, and after a brief conversation with our friendly staff, we can have a professional technician on-site to begin the mold remediation process. Whether it’s black mold on carpet or elsewhere, we’ll do our part to stop it in its tracks.

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