Addressing Water Stains on Ceiling

Here’s a scenario for you: You’ve just gotten home from another long shift at work, your feet are killing you, and you ease back into your favorite spot in the living room to binge-watch your favorite show on TV for a few hours. 


You happen to glance up, and you feel your heart skip a beat; your otherwise immaculate ceiling appears to have been stained. Its darkened edges taunting, you’re nearly certain it wasn’t there yesterday. 


A water stain on the ceiling is something no property owner wants to see, and today United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta is here to give you some insight into water stains on ceilings and the best approach in confronting them.


Water Stains On Ceilings: What’s Your Best Option?

Water stains on ceilings have a common denominator; there’s moisture there that shouldn’t be. This could be from a leaking pipe in multi-story structures, external breaches in the roof allowing rainwater in, or any other number of things. The most important thing is to not panic, and not to assume that the source of the moisture is directly above the stain itself. Remember, the stain is a symptom of the real issue, it’s the least important part of the problem.


In most situations, you’re going to want to call in professional help. A water stain on your ceiling means the water has to be coming from somewhere, and if it’s causing a stain it means it’s causing water damage elsewhere, and as a side effect also promoting conditions for mold growth. 


It’s a perfect storm for disaster, and you don’t want an inconvenient situation to turn into a nightmare. Professionals that deal with various types of water damage day in and day out can track the problem to its source, confront it head-on, and stop the problem dead in its tracks.


Don’t Delay, Call Today

United Water Restoration Group of North Atlanta is well trained and equipped to diagnose the source of any water stains on your ceiling and stop water damage at the source. Our friendly and trained professionals are standing by to take your call at (404) 949-1119 24/7. When you see signs of water damage like a water stain on your ceiling, don’t delay; call us today!

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